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An small, endless, zombie top down shooter originally made for the GMTK game jam, 

but didn't get finished on time. So I polished it a bit, removed the gimmick (which wasn't very good) and uploaded it here. Please comment below if you have questions, a leaderboards score (please tell the truth), glitch reports (though i may not be able to fix them), if the game doesn't work for some reason, suggestions, or anything else. 

Basic Rules: W, A, S, and D to move, hold down shift + W to run, left click to shoot the zombies (but keep an eye on your ammo), and turn by moving the mouse. Get glowing blue ammo cans to add 30 to your ammo, and get a health point back by getting the red glowing can. There are three different types of enemies, but I'll let you figure those out yourself! Thank you, and have fun blasting zombies!


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Infection 6 MB


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I got 1490 for my final score, and yes it was purple. I glitched through the wall lol XD

lol. This game for some reason turns purple when i import the models from MagicaVoxel. 

And everything's mute too...

I found kind of a glitch, is everything purple to anyone else?